Whether it’s a corporate space, commercial development or private residence, AGE offers a complete high-end interior design service, from initial concept design through to project co-ordination and property dressing, guiding our expert team and suppliers, and ensuring that timelines and budgets are strictly followed.

Space Planning

We can produce accurate plans of your existing office layout and carry out our comprehensive space planning service through several options showing how to make the most of your space including minimal expenditure, minimal disruption, maximum density, or even a complete space planning overhaul. We can work with your existing furniture, or fit out a new.

2D CAD Modeling & Drafting

We offer quality interior building services CAD design drawings and innovative mechanical engineering design models. We mainly cover Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Air Conditioning and Plumbing plans.

3D Rendering

AGE provides high quality 3d architectural rendering through our in house & international partners designers in USA & UK. Then our team will walk you through and explain every aspect of your project design in detail. We can create a video walkthrough of how your interior space will transformed once completed.

3D Rendering for Corporate

We proposes design for future, based on growth perspective of your company, we support from planning phase to completion/deliver phase. Reduction of redundant expense and project time span can be achieved through comprehensive management of whole processes.

3D Rendering for Hotels

Whether it is luxurious rooms, lobby, or practical simplicity and minimalism, we will help you to follow the new credo of the industry, we are committed to achieving the highest level of design with a “turn-key” approach, equipped with the newest technological gadgets through our expert international partners with the assistance of our design team.

At AGE, we intended to give our valuable Turnkey services to our cherished clients based on creative design, timeliness, reliability, quality, excellent appearance compliance with international standards and norms, unique patters, attractive color combinations, appealing designs and getting an effective look for our decoration etc.

We design and build restaurants and cafes, we can produce entire design & build projects for sensible budgets, whether it’s a refurbishment or a new build.