At AGE, we seek to know exactly what our clients want, therefore, we always begin with personal consultation with the property owner and architect to discuss the concepts and expected results. We carefully analyze every element before a project begins and we work with the client through every step.

AGE offers one-on-one attention with experienced engineers, site supervisors, qualified handcrafts and administrative staff. Using the principles of "value engineering", we maximizes cost effective strategies, making sure our corporate and commercial projects are completed in a timely fashion, within client budget. We perform quality services for each client we serve, no matter the size of the project.

Corporate and Commercial property reveals the image of Client Company and its success. From the office to the conference room, from the lobby to the hallways, each area is an opportunity to reflect your company's voice, mission, vision and values. We creates a look that represents client business. We will seamlessly weave the perfect design elements throughout your office to develop a space that matches your brand.


The often used saying, “First impressions count”, is particularly true in regard to business furniture. Whether you are greeting a potential client for the first time at a reception desk or interviewing a prospective employee at your conference table, the style and layout of your office will portray an image of your organization. At AGE, we are committed to providing you with a range of quality furniture that not only meets your needs, but also provides the image that you wish to portray.


In AGE, we intended to give our valuable Turnkey services to our cherished clients based on creative design, timeliness, reliability, quality, excellent appearance compliance with international standards and norms, unique patters, attractive color combinations, appealing designs and getting an effective look for our decoration etc. We design and build restaurants and cafes, we can produce entire design & build projects for sensible budgets, whether it’s a refurbishment or a new build.

Wooden Division

AGE wooden division provide clients with the finest costume designed products at average prices. We are designers, wood decorative builders and retail showrooms fixture builders. We manufacture our products entirely in solid wood and semi-solid wood, and we prefer to involve the client in the design and all over building process.